Florida Diesel Repair

Working hard for the hard working

      $1,575.00 Includes Oil Treatment, fuel treatment and Rotella T Oil up to 44            quarts of oil.

Diesel Force cleans your engine

Diesel Force EGR System Service

The diesel force diesel maintenance system is a revolutionary comprehensive engine cleaning system designed exclusively for diesel engines equipped with modern emission system.  When used at regular maintenance intervals, this system will increase power and fuel mileage while  decreasing unscheduled maintenance due to emission system failures.  Experience the remarkable cleaning power of Diesel Force 

Benefits and Features:

*Removes carbon buildup

*Removes varnish and sludge

*Restores compression and reduces blow-by

*Contains no harmful solvents

*Restores injection spray pattern

*Removes water and microbes from fuel sys

*Allow engine to run at its highest efficiency

*Removes carbon buildup from EGR and  induction system